Time Management Outline
Below is an outline, important tips to properly manage your time

1. Planning – Business Planning for year, for half a year, quarter, week, day
My annual plan – which targets the month – which tasks today – projects on my desk – annual plan – the vision of my business life plan

2. diary, all the tasks must be registered on diary

3. write at the end or at the beginning of the Week a weekly commitment dd / mm / yy – mm / dd / yy
Register on your computer or on paper, which I undertake to perform actions (promoting me toward my annual targets)

4. introspection, the same level of planning, annual, semiannual, quarterly, weekly, daily
Check yourself – Have I done what I planned? Did I complete tasks? Would I be effective – results? What promotes the business goals?

5. from time to time you have to ask yourself – What is my life Designation, what is my mission, do i know what I want,what is My business vision – What’s advantage i offer to my clients – what is the uniqueness of my business – Why people will choose me for the mission –

6. focus, deal with only one central project at the time until it reach the goals.

7. Do not engage on issues that you can find someone else better than you and much cheaper than you.
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