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Time Management Tips

time management – how to be more productive.
the modern life bring us tools that can save us a lot of time, but we need to do many things! actually too many things!
it is quiet difficult to handle all of our tasks and be relax and productive.
so if we want to achieve a goal we have to concede other tasks.
i am going to make it simple by looking it from the biggest time stealers and from that decide what is more important in life for us.
here are the biggest time stealers.
1. sickness, illness.
2. problems.
3. lost things.
4. handling other people tasks.
5. going too deep into details.
6. learning new material.
7. stubbornness, arguments
8. doing something that you don’t know how.
so if you avoid those things you are in a good direction, and you can start
working on your important tasks. so in time you will get progress.
now i will say a paradox – doing less is doing more
the more you trying to obligate for one day you will get less productivity
and fulfill less, so let start with obligate 3 subjects and 1 major task.
you need to get habits that you practice and get used to them
without thinking. after a while you will be more productive automatically.

1. write everyday your main task and subjects you are going to handle.
as i said not too many.
2. use tools to remind you things, events. don’t put too much in your
head. write then immediately not later.
3. use tools to remember for you all that you need to recover later.
again write them immediately to your saver tool, do not delay it you might
forget it and loose time to recover them.
4. do not hide anything! you will forget where you hide it.
5. if you can buy help or anything that save time do it.
6. do it right the first time, try to complete the job as it possible.
7. do not neglect things, they become like a time bomb
small saving in time become a big loss of time.
8. do not try to save time in the road or by passing the law.
9. do not argue
10. give everything a quality time that it needs to accomplish.
11. keep it simple – plan, Focus, act

there is another prospective to look on your time spending.
we must understand that at the end of the day, week, month, year you
want to be happy and success not one instead of the other.
i list the major time consumers from us (not organized in any order.)
1. study
2. thinking
3. wife, husband, children’s, family
4. work, business, partners
5. fun and sport and hobby, meditation, readings, television, etc.
6. repairs and maintenance, financial maintenance of a household
7. transportation
8. projects for future
9. sleep
10. other home tasks.

you have to recognize that none of them will give up your attention
it is like balance if you take from one side you loose the balance and
you will pay for it in another way.
a person can divide it’s attention to maximum of 10 others
in order to give everyone enough attention he require.
For managers: Install workforce management software on all computers in the office to keep track of time more easily. Employees can use this software to record what they have been working on and for how long.
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