Hard Disk Clone

Everything started when my computer informs me  every time when i turn my PC on that there is not enough space in the main hard disk C and I must free some space. before it will be too late. the disk size was 8 GB
and i think it is not big enough for today computer tasks. well What can i do, i tried to free some space by moving programs to my other disk drive D that was 80 GB , but with all my effort i did not free enough disk space  (i had from 100 – 200 MB free space left and i was afraid to install any new software program. so i realize that there is no choice and i needs to replace the hard disk to a larger disk. i must say now If you will ask me, not everyone can be able to deal with task of replacing the main hard disk C in the computer. you Needs a minimal knowledge in the computers, a technical attitude. so if you don’t have adequate knowledge to handle this task you better pass it to computer technician. Of course your responsibility to backup your DISK. i am sure You don’t want to lose all the information and work that you accumulated in your computer.

I had other hard disks in different sizes so i had to choose between disk  size 40GB or 15GB or 10GB. The original disk was of 8GB so i chose the bigger disk of 40GB. In the past I dealt much in the worked with computers and hard disks. I remembered myself using  Norton Ghost That reputed tool and in the past i used it steady to backup so it is good software you can create image of the disk or copy the old disk exactly to the new so that it will be operated later  Ghost is Suitable to the goal. but as nowadays I am not an operation of  PC services i didn’t want to invest  to buy a software therefore i searched for free software to clone the disk.
Professional hard disk cloning . Backup. Rescue.Clone Disk Util
well the 
hard disk clone software simply copy one disk to another disk simple as that, this exactly what I needed.
my initial thought about backup of disk to a file of mirror, image and after to copy to copy the image to other disk. But after thought I understood that this is unnecessary preferable to copy directly to the new disk.
it is Important to understand that when speaking about copying the main disk in the computer, drive c in which installed the operating system and all the registering of what installed in the computer, it’s impossible to execute simple copying of files. And it’s impossible to execute this when the computer works at the same time with the operating system. Therefore the software create disk of an independent operating system that work only on the memory the computer, so the disks that need to be copied are released absolutely from all task.
so before doing anything I performed a backup of the hard disk with   Backitup (Nero software) it comes with most DVD burners
that job required only 2 disks DVD media.
The idea of the software simply to allow you creates a bootable disk  for booting the computer  from on CD or from diskette 1.44MB according to what you have in your personal computer.
when substitute (Replace) or add a hard disk to computer you have the original disk a new disk you have to configure the disks according to their definition Master or Slave. After everything connected properly power on the computer when the booting diskette or booting CD in the drive. The computer up with the software and now you can copy from disk to disk or or from partition to partition. After the operation of cloning ended ( this takes quite long time with the free version, but if you do not clone a disk every day this is not critical problem. so now you have disk that is identical to the previous disk. This a little problematic because actually you still remaining with lack of space in spite of that you have a larger disk. because the remaining space was not allocated.
in order to change the format of the disk from FAT32 to NTFS that work more efficiently you Needs a different software such as partition magic or
Acronis Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Software such as  Acronis True Image Home

it is very important to take proper actions to safeguard your data. You should back up all of your files regularly – preferably at least twice a week – and back up your most important files daily.
today with DVD burner it is very simple to use for example Nero Backitup free software that comes with most CD burner or DVD burner.
or use use one of The Acronis Software Creating a copy of your entire hard disk such as Acronis True Image  or

Acronis Disk Director Suite