Web Based E-mail

For a long time I didn’t know that there were two different types of e-mail. I was on a message board that was having a lot of problems with trolls.

Trolls are people who come to message boards looking to make trouble, and have nothing constructive to add to any conversation. When there are many trolls on a message board, the message board moderator does everything they can to get rid of them. I remember one member suggesting that anyone with web based e-mail be banned from the site.

What bothered me about this was that I realized that I had signed up for that site with web based e-mail. Though my Internet service provider offered me an e-mail address, I rarely used it. I relied on the web based e-mail because I would moved a lot, and I didn’t like to change my e-mail address every single time I moved to a new location and got a new Internet service provider. It was simply a matter of common sense that keeping the same web based e-mail address was much easier and more convenient for me. If you have had to change your e-mail address on a regular basis, you know what a pain in the butt it can be.

There is one problem with web-based e-mail however. If you have any type of business online you want to have an e-mail address that is either related to your site, or that is through your Internet service provider. There are so many people out there who use web-based e-mail for things that are not exactly legitimate. You may notice that some of the Spam e-mail you get in your e-mail box comes from web-based e-mail addresses. Some people won’t take you seriously if he uses type of e-mail for any type of business reason.

However, web based e-mail is generally free, and very useful. I use Yahoo, and I have used it for a very long time. Not only is it reliable, it has changed with the times. They do not rely on keeping customers by staying the same, and I have found that they have rolled out new improvements before other types of e-mail programs have. No matter what type of web-based e-mail you choose, you may find that even if you have e-mail through your Internet service provider, you want to have at least one of these e-mail addresses. This means that even if you move you have to change your other e-mail addresses you will always have one that remains the same.i like their filtering e-mail and how they move all the Spam to a different directory, so in a glance look i can check 50 bulk emails in less then 1 minute.
i do recommend having more then one e-mail based account, at least 2 emails
accounts, 1 e-mail you use for more important and safe emails like friends, work, and 1 account for others that you are not sure yet that they will not use it to Spam your email, and you can throw it away and get a new email account fresh and cleaned from Spam.
i do recommends having Google mail called Gmail.
in Gmail you get a lot of advantages, it comes for different interface
languages, i love goggle they are doing a lot of good things free.
1 advantage is that they allow you to forward your email
to POP3 mail, goggle gives you 2.7 GB storage space and rising.
Gmail has antispam technology the e-mail messages are separated in two
directories one for Spam and 1 is regular mail because the Spam filter
in all web e-mail systems does not 100% accurate it can mix so it’s
better to not automatically erase the bulk or Spam mail.
just look and see ones a week if non of the e-mail messages is important for you
then you can erase all the rest in one click.

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