Pocket PC Software

I got into the PDA game pretty late, and have only been using mine for a few years. In that short span of time, I’ve come to depend on my PDA to help keep me organized and connected no matter where I’m at.

In addition to the usual things like tracking appointments and tasks, listing contacts, and providing WiFi Internet access, my PDA is also filled with e-books, videos, games, and MP3s that help pass the time when I’m stuck in traffic or a waiting room.

Of course, most devices don’t come with very many programs pre-loaded into the system, so I had to look around for extra pocket PC software on my own. The particular PDA that I own came with some basic Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel. In addition, I had a couple of applications like Internet Explorer and Outlook, but that was about it. I couldn’t even play videos on my device without installing the right pocket PC software first.

So what I did was identify a few things that I wanted my PDA to be able to do. Video playback was a major issue for me, as I like to be able to watch TV shows while on the go. I also needed an e-book reader since Microsoft Word just wasn’t going to cut it, and I also wanted a more powerful notes program than the one that came with my device. After I made a list of the kinds of pocket PC software I needed, all I had to do was search online for suitable products.

I was surprised to see that some of the most popular pocket PC software and applications are completely free to download and use. While I ordinarily love anything that’s free, I should caution you that some of this pocket PC software was developed by amateurs or hobbyists, so not all of the programs are bug-free. As a result, I advise you to read user reviews for any program that you want to download to see if there are potential problems that you should be aware of.

There is also a wide range of pocket PC software titles available for purchase from major manufacturers that make similar titles for desktop computers. These include presentation programs, recovery utilities, spyware sweepers, and other useful tools.

As I said before, I’ve come to rely heavily on my PDA to keep my life in order. But it took a lot of additional pocket PC software to get my device running the way I want, so if yours isn’t quite up to speed yet, you know what you have to do!