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if you are in the affiliate marketing business or wants to promote a product or service in search engine positioning you must first select on which keywords you are going to compete. that is where keyword research software come to assist you. there are some free keyword research tool but if you want to do it fast you need a good keyword analyzer software

Quiet A lot of all visited websites are found through search engines, Mostly By Google. The remaining of hits are made through links between pages or through email connections, but the grand majority of hits come through web search engines like Yahoo or Google. So, if you improve your search engine rankings you’re going to improve the number of hits your website gets every day, guaranteed. But how do these search engines work? And more importantly, how can you use the way they work to improve your page’s rankings?

Search engines work by crawling web pages, keeping track of relevant keywords, links, and the site’s popularity. Knowing this, you can start to take steps to position your page to improve its search engine rankings. First, put yourself in the position of someone who is searching for a site like yours. What search words would you use? Make a list of search words; these are your strategic keywords. To improve your site’s rankings, make sure these keywords are prominent and often close together. Be sure to put some of the keywords in the site’s title, as well as in the heading and on the first page of text.

Also, when placing these keywords be sure to use HTML text. Search engines read HTML, but they can’t read any text located in graphics or in Flash interfaces, so it’s a good idea to have as much text as possible formatted in HTML.

Relevant content is also important; if your site is plastered with keywords but doesn’t have any content to go along with them you won’t improve search engine rankings.

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